Cloud Technology

Cloud technology allows for a lot of flexibility. Depending on the demand, you can increase how much of the cloud resources you use without the need for assigning specific hardware for the job, or just reduce the amount of resources assigned to you when they are not necessary. This technology has increased the range of software applications and lowered the cost of operating a business. CNC will also show you how to make use of a private Cloud for superior security.

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Virtualization Works

VMware provides a virtualization solution that works by inserting a thin layer of software directly on the computer hardware or on a host operating system. This contains a virtual machine monitor or “hypervisor” that allocates hardware resources dynamically and transparently. Multiple operating systems run concurrently on a single physical computer and share hardware resources with each other. By encapsulating an entire machine, including CPU, memory, operating system, and network devices, a virtual machine is completely compatible with all standard x86 operating systems, applications, and device drivers. Safely run several operating systems and applications at the same time on a single computer each having access to the resources it needs when it needs them.

About Voice Virtualization.