CNC connects businesses to services that run on different networks. 

In a Local Area Network (LAN), everything is under your control. When you are outside your corporate LAN, you typically do not have a static IP address. If you use an Internet Service Provider (ISP), you often do not have even a public IP address because you are located behind the network address translation (NAT) on, for example, a DSL network. This makes it extremely difficult to locate and use services. In addition, you must also deal with hardware firewalls, as well as networks, computers, and software that the IT staff locks down in the interests of security. All of these obstacles can make it a nightmare to access services.

To meet connectivity challenges looming ahead recognize that the pool of available IPv4 unallocated addresses will be depleted within a few years. This shortage is primarily due to the insufficient capacity of the original Internet infrastructure. The consumption of addresses is increasing with (a) adoption of mobile devices, (b) always-on connections, and (c) virtualization. The only long-term solution is to transition to IPv6 addresses. However, rollout of these addresses is not ubiquitous. Consequently, short-term connectivity solutions that mitigate the problem may be necessary.

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Easy Connectivity

All circuits and network equipment have built-in redundancy. A self-healing SONET ring, multiple OC-3 connections, redundant core routers and aggregation switches are just a few of the features designed to provide you with a high level of fault tolerance. Each Ethernet switch is as hardened as technically possible, with multiple power supplies, switch fabrics, and management cards. The end result is a secure and reliable hosting environment for your co-location needs.


CNC offers one of the best collocation infrastructure in the Southeast.