CNC cloud innovations reduce your business cost and extend your reach

Unchain your employees from their desk and they are likely to be more productive. Add to employee productivity by freeing them to use a variety of integrated devices, applications and data access to match their computing and communications needs.

Cloud technology is a major innovation designed to free your users from their desktop PC and stationary phone. It can help your company achieve more productivity at a reduced cost and extend the ability of your stakeholders to interact with each other and customers.

Cloud computing offers a way to cut through IT complexity and cut down on high maintenance costs (taking 70% of most IT budgets) by employing an on-demand, self-managed virtual infrastructure to be consumed as a service.


Clouds come in three types: Public, Private and Hybrid allowing IT departments to address security concerns while taking advantage of the Cloud’s benefits.

Virtualized servers provide an extraordinary amount of data storage, speed and application access served via the Internet. As a result, PC and phone maintenance is no longer dependant on servicing each user station. Get more control, reduce failure rates, and achieve superior return on investment.

CNC Cloud Solutions can take your company’s data and voice communications to the next level of productivity. We offer customized solutions and consulting support to a nationwide group of satisfied SMB or Enterprise clients across a host of industries.

CNC is able to customize the right Cloud Solution for your company. Here are some of the categories to consider:

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